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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

As humans we are designed to move, exercise and be active. Lack of exercise can cause problems but exercise also has a downside-the potential for injuries.

Prevention of sports injuries involves warm up/stretches prior to exercise. This is especially important the older you get (over 30’s). At any age overdoing exercise can also cause sports injuries. We are also designed for a variety of tasks and activities. So if you are unlucky enough to be injured what do you do?

How to treat sports injuries.

The first 72 hours following a sports injury is the most important time for a speedy recovery. There are do’s and don’ts.

Minimising inflammation (swelling) is important early on. Rest, ice, compression and elevation form the RICE message.

It is also important to avoid heat, alcohol, running and massage. This forms the HARM message. When soft tissue damage has occurred (muscle, ligament or tendon) scar tissue replaces the injured tissue. It is important healthy, strong scar tissue is formed for quick recovery. A bulky, painful scar may form without early treatment and too much activity. This is prone to re-injury, ongoing pain and reduced function.

If you have a significant injury-pain, swelling and reduced function – Physiotherapy is important for a quick recovery and return to sport.

Electrotherapy (eg ultrasound, TENS), ice, taping, crutches, home exercises and advice is important for healing, reduction of pain, swelling control and early recovery.

Also important is assessment of the severity of the injury. Everyone wants to know when to return to their sport or activity.

Massage, heat and progression of exercises can commence after 72 hours once inflammation has reduced. Strengthening exercises are important and in the case of leg injuries, balance exercises too. Both for return to sport and prevention of injury recurrence.

A referral for physiotherapy is not required . If the injury requires xrays that can be organised. If further tests are needed this is best done through a medical practioner.

So exercise away!

If you get injured and you want to get back to sport quickly the message is early attention, early return to sport.
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