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Back Injuries

Back Injuries

We are designed to be on the move. Some of us sit too long. Some of us lift incorrectly. We overload the spine-pain.
Your spine is well designed and protected. Despite this back injuries occur. We start with the structure.
A complex system of interlocking components make up your back.
Bones that make up your spine are called vertebrae. Joints occur between the vertebrae and ligaments bind these joints. Movement of the spine occurs at these joints and is powered by muscles.
Nerves exit the spine to the trunk and legs that control the muscles. The sciatic nerve travels down the leg. Discs separate the vertebrae and act as shock absorbers.
If any of these structures are injured you may experience pain in your back or your legs. You may also get pins and needles/numbness down your leg.
Fortunately severe injuries are quite rare, but strains are common and often very painful.
Ligaments can overstretch, muscles can tear,  joints can lock up and nerves can be irritated. Discs don’t slip as they are anchored to the vertebrae but they can be injured.
If this has happened to you, are in pain and not getting better physiotherapy is recommended.

Assessing Back Injuries

Assessing your back injury accurately and then providing safe, effective treatment.

The aims are healing, stretching, strengthening and immediate pain reduction.

Treating Back Injuries

Ultrasound,  joint manual therapy, massage and exercises start straight away. Taping may be needed.Advice on sport, correct lifting and posture also.
An explanation of where the injury is and expected recovery time is what everyone wants to know. X rays or other investigations if needed.
Also why the back injury occurred in the first place and to prevent recurrence.
So if you have hurt your back- early attention is the message so you can get on with things again – pain free.

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