Our aim at St Kilda Physiotherapy is to restore pain free movement, function and strength when at home, work and playing sport.
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Spinal and Sports Injury Treatment

Spinal and Sports Injury Treatment

St Kilda Physiotherapy practices spinal and sports injury treatments to help restore pain free movement.

Some of us spend a lot of time sitting at work. We are not designed for this. Good posture is important as is limiting the amount of time sitting.  Often this can set us up for injuries later on, whether it be on the sporting field or at work. Attention to this is important for recovery and prevention of future injury.

Proper warm up and stretching prior to playing sport will help you perform better and reduce injury. This is especially important the older you get.

All sports people need to be mindful of increasing sporting levels too quickly, especially the younger person, to prevent sports injuries.

Playing with pain during sport is an indicator that your sports injury should be assessed to prevent further injury.

At St Kilda Physiotherapy we practice the following spinal and sports injury treatments:

  • Manual Therapy-used for spinal and sports injuries to optimise healing and restore painfree range of movement to joints, muscles and nerves.
  • Massage-healing and flexibility to muscles, tendons and ligaments following injuries.
  • Exercise Prescription-important for strength, stretching and healing. Also to prevent recurrence of injury.
  • Electrotherapy-ultrasound, interferential, Tens and ice to encourage healing and reduce inflammation of sports and spinal injuries.
  • Protection- Sports Taping, braces, slings, crutches as needed.
  • Spinal posture education/advice.

Spinal and Sports Injury Treatment

Spinal and Sports Injury Treatments

The severity and the duration of the injury will determine the amount of treatment you will require. Tendon injuries caused by sports are usually slower to recover and good early care is important for these. Early attention for spinal injuries is important to prevent secondary changes and to prevent the condition becoming chronic. Exercise programs will speed up the recovery of sports and spinal injuries. Avoidance of aggravating factors will also speed up the recovery process.